To provide the tools necessary for teachers to facilitate innovative learning experiences and deliver blended learning so that all students have the best access to information and technology to develop necessary skills to become productive members of a global community.


Technology is integral to the teaching and learning mission of the Midlothian Independent School District (MISD). MISD fosters and supports innovations in technology while simultaneously integrating innovation into the academic disciplines. Conceptualizing and implementing innovative educational technologies for the purpose of developing insights into the nature of learning, improving learning outcomes and providing greater accessibility to educational services by students and faculty is a priority. The virtual experiences manifested by these technologies should integrate seamlessly into the physical space of the District.

The MISD’s educational technology mission is achieved by:

  • Promoting the effective use of technology to improve the learning outcomes of all MISD students.
  • Providing ubiquitous access to educational technology resources for our students and staff.
  • Ensuring that content and classes, whatever their mode of engagement, meet or exceed the standards of academic quality.
  • Using appropriate technologies to increase interaction between teachers and students as early as possible in our students' academic careers at the District.
  • Enhancing the effective use of physical space by introducing innovative technologies in classrooms and other shared spaces and by creatively integrating our students' actual and virtual experience of others into their learning experience.
  • Encouraging staff support and participation in curricular innovation.
  • Extending the District’s instructional reach beyond the campus environment.