Destination Imagination

2023-2024 Team

Destination Imagination consists of project-based challenges designed to build confidence and develop creativity, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills ( 

Congratulations to our 2023-2024 team, the Alien Blasters, for winning 2 medals at the regional tournament!

Alien Blasters Team Members:

Jemma Lara   4th grade 

Joseph Lara   2nd grade 

Callie Curtis   2nd grade 

Allison McDonald   5th grade 

Maggie Ramirez   5th grade 

Skylar  Garrett   5th grade 

Charlie Ramirez   3rd grade

Team Manager:  Mrs. Lara 

Assistant Team Manager: Mrs. McFerran-Curtis 

School coordinator: Mr. Lewiston

Safety Patrol

We have two groups of Safety Patrol members who rotate on and off each month.  They are on duty each day in various locations around the building in order to help our students and staff.  Mt. Peak has over 50 students who are volunteering their time in the mornings to serve as Safety Patrol!

Math Pentathlon

Math Pentathlon is a math program that meets each week to teach kids math strategies through games.  There are 5 games for each of the three Divisions that the students learn on campus.  Then, they participate in a statewide tournament in the spring against other districts.  The focus is on sportsmanship as well as the strategies of the game. The children have fun playing the games but they also learn the correct way to handle disagreements, even with authority figures. 

Student Broadcast Team

What does the broadcast team do?  The broadcast team is responsible for creating and producing the morning broadcast which includes school announcements, the Pledge of Allegiance and occasional special performances. They run the equipment, do the actual broadcasting, and gather news and announcements from around the school.  Sometimes team members are asked to help create special productions.  

Who can join the team? The team is open to students in 5th grade.  The ideal broadcast team member is responsible, a team player, articulate, able to complete tasks independently, and committed to arriving in the newsroom in the 5th grade hallway by 7:15 every morning to prepare for the broadcast. 

How do I join?  Applications are only accepted 2 times per school year.  Contact Mrs. Hobbs for further information